Leadership Development

Women & Leadership New Zealand’s suite of market leading programs provide best of breed leadership development and immerse participants in an experience informed by the complexities and opportunities of being a female leader today. Through a deep understanding of the needs of female leaders at every stage of their journey, we have created a rich and empowering learning environment which is singularly geared to enabling each participant to achieve their own unique vision of success.

Tailored development

The WLNZ Leadership Suite encompasses a series of targeted development interventions aimed at key milestones in the leadership journey. Each program is carefully engineered to reflect the challenges and opportunities commonly associated with that stage of development and to provide the knowledge and skills commensurate with elevated performance and growth.


Our programs are designed to engage female leaders in highly interactive, peer-oriented development environments. During the programs, activities are undertaken which develop participant connections; allowing cohorts to develop into tightly knit peer networks. The strong group dynamic which exists within our programs is fundamental to their success and greatly enhances the learning process.


Our programs deliver practical learning outcomes designed to be immediately applicable within a professional environment, as such they are most beneficial when undertaken in conjunction with regular workplace responsibilities and commitments.

The ALP is one of Australasia’s most prestigious executive women’s development platforms. The twelve month program is purpose designed to stretch senior and executive leaders outside of their comfort zone and enable them to take genuine ownership of their responsibilities. Challenged to develop critical and systems thinking, participants begin to unlock their full potential in order to lead complex organisational communities towards peak performance. Attended by women at the forefront of their organisations and industries the program creates unrivalled peer level connections and career defining opportunities.

Duration: 12 months (Part-time study)

Delivery Format: Blended (Online and face-to-face)

Participant Level: Experienced Senior and Executive Leaders


Executive Ready is a seven month leadership and career accelerator designed to stretch mid/senior level leaders and propel them towards executive level performance, behaviours and mindsets. The program challenges participants to see themselves, their responsibilities and their opportunities with fresh eyes enabling and inspiring them to achieve career and life goals. The significant emphasis on applied learning ensures participants rapidly enhance their leadership abilities along with their capacity and confidence to take on increased responsibility.

Duration: 7 months (Part-time study)

Delivery Format: Blended (Online and face-to-face)

Participant Level: Middle to Senior Leaders


The ALPP is an eighteen week program for high potential, early career leaders and managers. The program is designed to fast track leadership performance and confidence in preparation for long term career success.

Duration: 4 months (Part-time study)

Delivery Format: Blended (Online and face-to-face)

Participant Level: Junior to Middle Leaders


Stretch your current capacity and develop the behaviours and mindsets to propel you towards executive level performance.


Fast track your skills and confidence in preparation for long term career success.


Join fellow executives and other leaders at the forefront of their organisations and industries for a high impact and uniquely challenging peer orientated learning experience.

Women and Leadership New Zealand