About Women
and Leadership
New Zealand

Women and Leadership New Zealand is a national initiative dedicated to supporting a higher representation of female leadership throughout New Zealand’s public and private sector workforce and the broader community.

Partnered with our sister organisation Women & Leadership Australia we are 100% focused on developing leadership capability, enabling career progression and assisting women to more effectively manage the opposing challenges of career and life.

Over the coming years WLNZ will become a highly regarded provider of leadership education as well as a powerful voice in New Zealand’s gender equality debate.

Research suggests that to reach ones true potential, it is vitally important that we feel connected, supported and empowered in all areas of our lives. The immense power of women’s development programs resides in bringing women together to explore their potential as well as their challenges in a highly empathetic environment.

WLNZ aims to create experiences ‘for women’ but not necessarily ‘about women’. Its programs not only provide best of breed leadership development but immerse participants in an experience informed by the complexities and opportunities of being a female leader in New Zealand today.

Through a deep understanding of the needs of leaders at every stage of their journey, WLNZ creates a rich and empowering learning environment which is singularly geared to enabling each participant to achieve their own unique vision of success.‚Äč

About Women and Leadership New Zealand

Women and Leadership New Zealand