A practical and impactful masterclass for new and aspiring female leaders​


Nov 2018



Rydges Latimer


A Masterclass designed to develop aspiring female managers and leaders

Emerging Leaders is designed to assist in the development of emerging and aspiring female leaders across all sectors and industries. The one day masterclass will assist new leaders to increase their skills and knowledge, enhance their understanding of effective leadership and engage in a powerful, peer orientated, shared learning experience.​

Teaching new and aspiring women leaders how to become great leaders and get results

Ensuring New Zealand’s economic future is robust and healthy by developing today’s female emerging leaders

Exposing aspiring women leaders
to the big picture of business​

Improving efficiency by giving aspiring female leaders the confidence to make decisions and drive positive outcomes in their workplace

Offering a critical opportunity to step away from everyday demands, the masterclass will allow participants time to reflect on their own leadership challenges and opportunities, and return to the workplace re-energised and refocused on the task ahead.

What are the benefits for my organisation?

Developing new and emerging leadership talent is an important investment for organisations and when handled effectively can have significant and far reaching effects. During this masterclass, not only will emerging leaders benefit from a wide range of new skills and knowledge but they will have a unique opportunity to interact with a number of inspirational and relevant role models and contextualise new approaches through real-world examples.

Debbie Sorensen

Chief Executive Officer,
Pasifika Futures Ltd

Alexia Hilbertidou

Founder and Director,
GirlBoss NZ

By exploring first-hand the experiences of celebrated leaders at the forefront of their organisations,

the masterclass will help equip emerging women leaders with the behaviours, mindsets and tools to excel in their workplace, whilst assisting them to make peer group connections vital to long-term career success.

Expert speakers and presenters

At various points throughout the day, expert speakers will be invited to share their own experiences and leadership insights for the benefit of participants. Development sessions will be paired with these presentations to unlock key learning and provide practical tools to help participants excel in their everyday environments and assist in the pursuit of future career advancement. 

Rebecca Keoghan MNZM

General Manager, Pamu Academy; 2018 Rural Woman of Influence

Trina Tamati

Managing Director,
Ticketek NZ

Women and Leadership New Zealand