Women & Leadership New Zealand goes international 

We are proud to be celebrating our first all day cohort of leaders in the UK, with Suzi Finkelstein, Director of Leadership & Advocacy at Women & Leadership International (WLI) meeting our program participants and coaching them through their first two leadership development days.

Our first cohort of leaders in the UK come from incredibly diverse industries, with two women working as naval architects, one a TV series producer and many working in middle and senior management roles in their various organisations. They have come together to develop their leadership skills and work on their professional development with the aid of WLI.

Delivered via a combination of an online learning portal, face to face workshops, webinars and peer to peer coaching support, the seven-month WLI Executive Ready course is a mid-level program that launched in the UK this year. The course is designed to fit flexibly into a full-time workload and encourages networking, independent learning, and high-level leadership capability development.

Liz Staley, Group HR Director at Parker Technical Services, said: “After the first workshop, I arrived at work the following morning with a spring in my step and a new found sense of direction. So many things seemed clearer and more achievable. Going into the session I had mixed feelings of excitement and apprehension, as the day progressed I felt more at ease and enjoyed the participation. Such an inspirational group!

“On returning to work and sharing my experience from the workshop with colleagues, it was clear that I have already benefited from speaking with the peers within the workshop…imagine what can be achieved in the next few months!”

“The 360˚ feedback has given me an insight into how others perceive me and my work, which has ignited a drive to explore many areas further and embark on the journey of self-discovery.”

We are so pleased to be able to offer the courses to women around the globe and excited to be marking our 15th year with our first cohort in the UK. Upon graduation, these women will join our global alumni as some of the most prolific, thoughtful and sought after leaders in their respective industries.

We are now taking enquiries for our Leading Edge and Executive Ready programs to be run in the UK later this year. If you have colleagues or friends in the UK that you think might be interested in finding out more, send them this course information outline.

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