Executive Ready is a seven month leadership and career accelerator purpose designed to stretch mid-level leaders and rapidly propel them towards executive level performance, behaviours and mindsets. The program challenges participants to see themselves, their responsibilities and their opportunities with fresh eyes, enabling and inspiring them to achieve career and life goals. The significant emphasis on applied learning ensures participants rapidly enhance their leadership abilities along with their capacity and confidence to take on increased responsibility.​​​


Executive Ready is delivered through a sophisticated blend of face-to-face workshops, interactive webinars, peer coaching and self-directed learning. These elements are coordinated through a state of the art learning management system and carefully structured to enable participants to realise exceptional outcomes whilst continuing to be highly present and effective in their workplace environment.

Through the face-to-face workshops participants explore a variety of challenging themes and scenarios linked to the core responsibilities and opportunities of leadership. The full day workshops deeply immerse participants in the subject matter, leading to important insights and learning informed by collective experience.​

Face-to-face Workshops​

Participants undertake a capability assessment to evaluate their ability in key areas. Results from this assessment help inform each participant’s developmental focus and support them to achieve their objectives.​​

Capability Assessment​

Throughout the program, participants are free to connect with each other 24/7 through the online community of practice and discuss ‘top of mind’ issues.​

Online Community of Practice​

Focused on rich discussion and debate relevant to each topic area, the interactive online sessions help to contextualise learning themes within real world situations, rapidly equipping participants to operationalise new approaches.​

Interactive Online Workshops​

Self-directed learning content is accessible 24/7 via a state of the art online learning management system that allows participants to engage with it at any time from any device.. Content includes high quality video tutorials, ‘best practice’ leadership literature, workplace activities and reflective tasks.​​

Self-directed Learning​

Through the leader as coach sessions participants will practice how to effectively deliver feedback and have meaningful, outcome driven coaching and mentoring conversations. Additionally, these sessions often lead to a deeper connection between peers and a better understanding and appreciation of each other’s challenges.​​

Leader as Coach Sessions​

Participants explore what it takes to be an effective leader using a strengths-based approach. This module introduces participants to a values-based leadership framework as they take a deep dive into the relationship between authenticity and effective leadership.​

This module commences with an exploration of one’s own preferred style of communication and the impact of one’s style on others. The module moves on to focus on effective communication and influencing at an interpersonal, departmental, and organisational level.​

During this module participants explore the practical implications of managing diverse and challenging groups. Participants examine the qualities shared by high performing teams and identify effective strategies to foster cultures that support optimal teamwork.

This module supports participants to provide feedback and motivate their team to exceed performance expectations. Participants identify key principles of performance management in order to ensure consistency with organisational objectives. This module also explores techniques involved in coaching others and building individual capability.​

This module focuses on the leadership skills involved in driving innovation and change. Participants critically discuss the application of relevant theory and explore the way in which innovation and change are inextricably intertwined. Participants then examine leadership challenges during times of crisis, gaining an understanding of the way in which leaders can build an agile and resilient organisation.​

This module challenges participants to ‘rethink’ their organisation’s purpose and strategy by exploring the external and internal environment, the assumptions that underpin them and their strategic response to them. They develop a heightened awareness of the systemic influences that impact their organisation and develop the capacity to see and challenge their own and others’ mental models. Participants explore ways to create an environment in which strategic thinking and on-going learning become a part of daily life.​

This module focuses on developing skills to hone a competitive edge. Participants will learn to develop effective work goals and behaviours to competently manage work priorities. They will also explore the critical elements of establishing personal work objectives, prioritising workload for optimum achievement and building on professional competence.​


Segmented into seven distinct but complimentary modules Executive Ready engages participants in a comprehensive exploration of effective leadership practice. Executive Ready is for women who want to deepen their leadership capability and develop greater self, team and organisational awareness. Enabling leaders to unlock the full potential of their staff, the program is ideal for supporting the progression of mid-level leaders in large and small organisations and independent business owners looking to transform business performance.

Leadership and Authenticit​y​

Communication, Presence and Influence​

Team Dynamics​

Driving Performance​

Leading Innovation and Change​​

Thinking Strategically​​

Purpose, Priorities and Professional Development​


All applicants enrolling into Executive Ready must satisfy WLNZ’s admissions criteria and adhere to standard admissions policies and procedures. Enrolments are at the discretion of the WLNZ Admissions Department. Due to the exclusive nature of the program, admission is based on a rigorous written application process. Places will only be awarded to applicants demonstrating the appropriate qualities to contribute meaningfully to the program and a cohort of their peers. Enrolment details may be obtained by contacting the WLNZ Admissions Department.

The program enrolment fee is $9,990 (+GST). The enrolment fee covers all tuition, program related materials and access to the WLNZ online learning portal. The enrolment fee does not cover travel and accommodation costs associated with attendance at the face-to-face elements of the program.

If you would like to speak to a program liaison call us on +61 3 9270 9000 or e-mail via the form opposite and we will be in touch.

Pathway Opportunities

An academic partnership with Monash University is now enabling female professionals across the country to gain credit towards the Master of Leadership through their participation in Executive Ready. Under the partnership, Executive Ready graduates are able to apply for 12 credit points via specified credit for Leadership studies unit (EDF5670) towards the internationally respected Master of Leadership. This equates to 25% of the qualification.

For more information please contact the WLNZ Admissions Department on +61 3 9270 9000.

An intensive leadership development program enabling exceptional performance, behaviours and mindsets

“Executive Ready will accelerate your abilities, ignite your passions, challenge your status quo and redefine your career and life expectations”.​​

7 months

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