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Inclusive Leadership in Action

Enhance team performance and culture through inclusive leadership practices

Inclusive Leadership in Action

Program Snapshot

Ideal for

Groups of leaders and managers of any level and any gender


2 x 3.5hr online workshops + 3.5hr self-directed learning


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In-house, either online or face-to-face

The program exceeded our expectations. As a leadership group we developed a shared language and understanding, and it was a real bonding experience for us. The facilitator was brilliant and created a safe environment for us to have open discussions.

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Program Overview

Empower your leaders to be confident champions of inclusion

Inclusive workplaces benefit everyone, staff feel valued and supported, team cohesion is strengthened, innovation thrives, and business outcomes improve. An inclusive workplace embraces diversity, embeds equity and practices inclusion so that all people feel valued, respected and psychologically safe. This program enables leaders to think and act more inclusively, to create real change across their teams. It provides the practical skills for leaders at all levels to make inclusion part of everyday thinking and behaviour.

This program is for leadership groups looking to:

  • Develop the signature traits of an inclusive leader
  • Improve team performance, culture, and collaboration
  • Increase inclusion and embrace diversity

Participant Profile

Designed for leaders and managers at any level, within all industries and of any gender. It is also ideal for people involved in diversity, equity and inclusion workplace strategies. This program can also be a valuable way to increase psychological safety and social capital amongst staff.

Learning Outcomes

During the program participants work collaboratively to:

Evaluate inclusive approaches to leadership

Examine implicit biases and assumptions in the context of diversity, equity, and inclusion

Understand and embrace the fundamentals of diversity, equity and inclusion

Explore what it means and looks like to be an inclusive leader

Investigate strategies for creating psychological safety within diverse teams

Program Modules

Segmented into five themes, the program engages participants in an exploration of inclusive leadership practices.

What is diversity and inclusion and why does it matter?

As leaders, our aim is to create an environment where people can thrive. Diversity, equity and inclusion are vital elements in creating such an environment. Before we can begin to build practices that enhance inclusion, it is important that we understand the intersections of each component and how they work together. In this module participants will explore the benefits of diversity, equity and inclusion and the relationship between them

What is inclusive leadership?

We commence this module by exploring the signature traits of inclusive leaders. We share examples of what these traits look like in practice, and invite feedback and reflection from participants based on their own experience. Armed with this new insight, participants move on to explore practical steps to becoming a more inclusive leader and ways to embed this thinking within their organisation.

Creating psychological safety

In this module we explore the concept of psychological safety and the various stages teams can move through in developing greater psychological safety. Participants will then analyse the current level of psychological safety within the teams they lead and how they can raise it.

Addressing unconscious bias

In this module participants develop their understanding of unconscious bias and the reactions to difference that we all inherently have. Armed with this new awareness participants go on to explore how our biases impact what we experience at work and beyond. Participants will identify key strategies to manage and minimise bias.

Language and application

In the final module participants learn how to best model and champion inclusive practices through language and action. This theme is brought alive through a real-life case study and participants’ own workplace challenges.

Program Experience

This program is delivered online over three half-day modules with the support of an expert facilitator and state-of-the-art online learning platform.

  • Self-directed learning: 3.5 hours
  • Two online workshops: 3.5 hours each


Enquiries and Enrolments

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